Whether this will be your first time in a church or you have been in church for years, it is our goal that you are welcomed and feel as comfortable as possible.  


Expect to meet with the God who loves you

Our goal is that you leave talking about how great God is!  We believe that he loves all people regardless of age, ethnicity, or experiences.  The Bible reminds us that we are all broken people, incapable of rescuing ourselves from the consequences of our own rebellion, but God sent Jesus Christ in our place that we might be redeemed, restored, and repurposed.   

Expect to meet with people who care about you

Our goal is that each person that comes through the doors will understand and experience God's love through us.  People matter to God and they matter to us.  We look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story, sharing our story, and helping you see how your life can connect with God's great story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday Morning Questions

What should I wear?

Something clean--Some people wear jeans, some will be in dresses or suits.  Just wear something you would feel comfortable connecting with God and others in.

What door should I enter?

Our doors are numbered.  We suggest using the main entrance via Door 1 if this is your first visit.  It is located directly off Gary Street.

How long is the worship service?

Normally between 60-70 minutes.

How early should I arrive?

This really depends on your personality and the size of your family.  If you have children (birth-6th Grade) we suggest arriving 15 minutes early so that you can get them registered via our secure check-in process.  


If you do not have younger children with you, 10 minutes early is generally sufficient.

What about my kids during worship?

Nursery is available for the entirety of the worship service for children that have not entered Kindergarten yet.  

Children's church is available for Kindergarten-4th Grade.  Children's church dismisses mid-way through the worship service.  

Older children and students will have the same opportunities to connect with God through the songs and the sermon as you do.

What about my kids during Bible study?

There are age-graded classes available that range all the way from the Infant class to the Young Adult class.  

How do you keep kids safe?

If your child (birth-6th Grade) will not be staying with you while in the building, we use a secure check-in procedure provided by KidCheck.  You can create an account here.  If you create an account, make sure you register your chldren with First Baptist Church of Springfield, Virginia.  


First time guests are provided an alternate secure check-in procedure, but are encouraged to create a KidCheck account for subsequent visits.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

You are encouraged to bring a Bible, whether a print version or an electronic version.  We also encourage the use of Bible study apps like Blue Letter Bible.  Additional Bibles are located in the pews in case you do not bring one.

Do I have to give money?

There will be an offering taken during the worship service, but you are encouraged to simply be our guest.  


Those that regularly worship with us give of their finances as a way of thanking God for his goodness to them and to support the work of the ministry of FBC Springfield in our community and around the globe.


You may notice that many do not give during the service because they give online or they may only give once a month so please, as our guest, just be our guest! 

Should I schedule a tour or just show up?

This is totally up to you.  You are also totally welcome to just show up and ask a greeter if you need any assistance once you arrive.


However, scheduling a tour allows you to interact with others who can help you navigate the buildings, answer questions you might have, and even introduce you to others.  Click here to schedule a Sunday morning tour to take place prior to Bible study or worship.  

Other Questions

Is your building handicap accessible?


Where do I park?

The parking lot normally has enough spots.  Otherwise there is ample, free on-street parking nearby.

Who's in charge?

Well that is a complicated question, but in short: our church reports to God, is governed by the people of the church, is led by the staff, and is served by volunteers.

Why should I come to a church with an interim pastor?

Because God is at work through his people here and that will not change when the next senior pastor is hired.

When will a senior pastor be hired?

After a year of preparation led by a transitional team, the pastor search committee has been formed and is working diligently to determine the man God has to lead FBC Springfield in the future.  Updates will be provided via weekly e-news and worship bulletins.

What is a Christian?

A Christian is someone who has confessed their sin to God, trusting in Christ's redeeming work, and surrendered to God's control of their story.  For more details on how we can respond to God's story, visit

Do I have to be perfect before I come?

We expect people to be less than perfect!  In fact, our songs and our Bible studies celebrate that God knows us entirely and still loves us completely.  His love for us despite our imperfections allows us to care for other regardless of theirs.  We seek to be a church that recognizes that we are all imperfect people, deeply loved by a perfect God

How do I join the church?

First, know that you can worship with us without joining.

Second, know that we would love for you to join with us.  Joining is an important step.  We view membership as a partnership between the church body, the church staff, and you.  This partnership exists to help us pursue God's mission of reaching people for Christ and helping them grow to become like him.

Joining the church requires a conversation with a minister regarding your story with God and answering questions you might have about the church.  These conversations can be scheduled by contacting the ministerial staff in person or via email.