Join us for Holy Week 2021

Palm Sunday 

at 10:30AM on 3/28:

In-Person or Watch Live Online

Maundy Thursday

at 7PM on 4/1:

In-Person or Watch Live Online

Good Friday 

at Noon on 4/2:

In-Person or Watch Live Online

Easter Outdoors

at 10:45AM on 4/4: 

We will worship at 10:45AM in the Rear Parking Lot. 

Or you can also -
​​​​​​​Watch Live Online.

Easter Outdoors Service - FAQs

Why are we meeting at 10:45?  Starting later is necessary in case of rain and to allow more time between the English service and the Hispanic service.


Do I need to register?  No.  We will have space for you and your friends/family/neighbors.


Do I need to bring a chair?  No, we will have chairs available for people.  Volunteers will place chairs for your group as you arrive so that we use the right number for your group and keep the appropriate spacing.


Do I have to sit in a chair?  No, a limited number of vehicles will be allowed to park behind the chairs.  However, you will need to have your windows down enough to be able to hear the speakers.


Where do I park?  If you are capable, please park in the front lot or legally along the street.  If your mobility does not allow this, there is limited parking available in the rear parking lot (and you can sit in a chair or stay in your vehicle).


Are the restrooms open?  Yes


What is the weather plan?  If the weather requires it, we will worship in the sanctuary at 10:45.


Do I need a mask?  When outside your vehicle, anyone 5 or older is expected to wear a mask unless on stage.


In a bag!

Although we traditionally have a BIG Easter Egg Hunt here at the church, this year we are doing it a bit differently.  

We are providing an Easter Egg Hunt in a Bag for each family with K-6th children.  Each bag has a set of "Easter Story Eggs" along with candy-filled eggs. We hope your family will enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt while also sharing the real meaning of Easter.  

Parent supervision is very important so you can have sensitivity to the content and questions that may arise from talking about the Easter Story.

In addition to taking a bag home (optimally to have a hunt between March 28 - April 4), we hope you will take an additional bag home to give to a neighbor family as an outreach endeavor.  Please do not take more than 1 "extra" bag.

These "Easter Egg Hunt in a Bag" will be available to pick up at church on Sunday, March 28.  

First come, first served.