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Easter Sunday
Drive-IN FAQ

What is Drive-In Church on Easter?  FBC Springfield is excited to conduct our Easter service outside as you watch in-person and hear it on your radio on 96.9.


When is it?  There will be two identical 50 minute services available at 9AM and 10:30AM.


Why should I sign up?  Please sign up HERE since this helps us prepare the parking lot accordingly.  


Is this safe and legal?  Yes, per the VA state governor drive-in church services are allowed as long as people stay in their vehicle.  We are asking you to keep windows rolled up.


Can I invite a friend?  Yes.  I (Pastor Jason) think more people will be willing to come to this service than any church service since at least the Sunday after 9/11.  


Can I ride with someone?  Not unless you are already sheltering with them.


Will restrooms be open?  No.


Will we be able to give?  Only electronically.  No physical gifts will be accepted.


Can I watch online instead?  Yes, the recorded video from the 9AM service will be available online at 10:30.  But it may not be available before 10:30.