Ministry Overview

First Baptist Christian Day School is a morning preschool, in session from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM each weekday from September-May.  It meets at FBC Springfield at 7300 Gary Street, Springfield, VA.  It was established to provide a Christian atmosphere and environment for the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual development of your child.  For more information, feel free to contact our director Katie Denisar, (703) 451-7144,

Philosophy of Education

Each teacher's goal at First Baptist Christian Day School is to accept the child as an individual, and to meet the individual needs of each child in a loving, secure, Christian environment.  We believe that young children learn best in a structured, fun environment.  "As a parent, you may want your three year old to learn to read, but I would rather have mine playing in his sandbox.  You may want your eight year old to have his nose buried in a math book before he turns out the light at night; I would rather have mine reading Stuart Little.  You may want your ten year old to take the Saturday morning to be tutored in academic subjects; I would rather mine be scuffling with his neighborhood playmates." --Stuart Manning

Click here to explore our activities and centers, units of study, special days, and learning concepts we teach.  

Decades of Faithful Community Ministry

First Baptist Christian Day School was established at First Baptist Church of Springfield in 1964.  It served as an outreach then, and it continues to do so today.  At that time, the Day School's ministry reached out to a needy community.  Like the "Daffodil Principle," FBCDS planted one seed at a time until it grew over the years to be like a great field of daffodils.  Many seeds have been planted and nurtured within a thirsty community.  The school and its program has grown over the years, and with God's help, as well as the faithful devotion of loving, dedicated supporters and staff members, has existed to feed and nourish a large area in this surburb of Washington, D.C.  Now in existence for over 50 years, the school is proud of its large, bright classrooms, renovated bathrooms, new and refurbished playground equipment, and loving, caring Christian teachers.  

How Do I Register?

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