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Our goal at First Baptist Christian Day School is to meet the individual needs of each child in a loving, secure, Christian environment while growing their love of learning through play.


We are a play-based learning school which also provides instruction with “Learning Without Tears” curriculum.  This curriculum allows the students to learn to identify and build and write letters in a fun way that encourages fine motor skills while learning to identify letters and sounds.

Learning Concepts

Check out the variety of learning concepts we teach based on age group.

2.5 year olds:
3 year Olds: (Continuing and building on 2.5 year old skills)
4 year olds: (Continuing and building on 3 year old skills)

Units of Study

The units of study change from year to year but often include: About Me, Safety Week, Community Helpers, Thankfulness, Christmas, Arctic Animals, Winter, Fairy Tales, Pond Life, Insects/Butterflies, Rainforest, Camping and many more!  Woven into each unit theme are science, music and chapel lessons that incorporate that week's theme.


Activities and Centers


First Baptist Christian Day School offers large, bright classrooms brimming with opportunities to learn and play. The classrooms are arranged with a variety of learning stations that rotate based on the unit of study. Some centers include: art, drama/home living, science, manipulative/sensory bin, books, and writing.


Our preschool day is full of a variety of activities including: Story Time, Snack Time, Free Play (inside and outside), Music and Class Meetings.  Our class meeting time is a mix of learning and sharing opportunities. We focus on learning the pledges (American, Christian, Bible), discussing the daily weather, calendar discussions (counting the days, learning the days of the week and months of the year), and sharing through show and tell and other teacher-led discussions.


Once a week, our students enjoy science class with hands-on science lessons based on the theme of learning that week. Children will engage in a chapel lesson that teaches Christian principles through age appropriate Bible stories. Children are encouraged to "go to the library" and check out a book once a week, these books may be taken home to share with you before they are returned each week.

Special Days
and Events

Some special days include:  Father’s Day Celebration/Veteran’s Day,  Fall parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas program, Easter parade, Butterfly Release, Mother’s Day, and a visit from Hidden Pond Nature Center.



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