First Baptist Christian Day School  |  Education

Each teacher's goal at First Baptist Christian Day School is to accept the child as an individual and to meet the individual needs of each child in a loving, secure, Christian environment.  


We are a "learn through play" school which spends time daily in math and reading readiness

but in such a way that your child will not feel pressure to compete or get good grades.

Learning Concepts

We teach a variety of concepts depending on the age and maturity of the class. Examples include:

  • Developing a positive attitude towards school
  • Feelings--what are they and how to express them appropriately 
  • Building good self esteem
  • Spiritual development through weekly chapel lessons
  • Learning to solve problems
  • Colors
  • Recognizing his/her name and classmates' names
  • Shapes
  • Math readiness activities
  • Reading readiness activities (including alphabet exposure)
  • Fine MotorPractice with scissor cutting and pasting
  • Language development 
  • Developing listening skills 
  • Following directions 
  • Taking turns
  • Respecting authority
  • Respecting the rights of others
  • Respecting property
  • Learning right from wrong
  • Developing a sense of community
  • Physical development
  • Accepting differences in others
  • Recognizing safety hazards
  • Practicing independence and self-reliance
  • Practicing behavior modification through use of words rather than actions


Units of Study

Some units of study which may be covered in the school year:

School, my senses, my family, God's beautiful world, learning about me, learning about others, Pilgrims and Indians, community helpers, farms and farm animals, pets, dinosaurs, animals, seasons, the sky, ecology, holidays, birds, insects, manners, patriotism, apple week, and the ocean.

Activities and Centers

First Baptist Christian Day School offers large, bright classrooms brimming with opportunities to learn and play.  The classrooms are arranged with inviting centers which may include: art center, drama/home living center, science center, puzzle center, manipulatives center, play-doh center, carpentry center, blocks center, book center, and a listening center.

Daily activities include: music and movement class, snack time, playground (playroom and/or gymnasium for inclement weather), circle time (classroom jobs are assigned and unit work discussed), finger plays, show and tell, story time, arts and crafts, and learning games. 

Once a Week: 

Chapel: children learn basic Christian principles through Bible stories
Library: children select and take home a book each week 

Science: children participate in primary science experiments, while learning interesting lessons

Special Days
and Events

Some special days and events include: 

Color day, puppet show, Ponies Plus, "Stone Soup" Day, pumpkin week, fall festival and parade, Pilgrim/Native American Study, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas program, un-snow day, USA day, Easter parade, conferences, Story Lady, Father's Day, Mother's Day, caterpillar/butterfly observation, Butterfly Release Day, lunch bunch, Hidden Pond Nature Center visit, and group participation play/production, and The One Man Band.



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