Job Openings

Director of Student Ministry

Ministry Vision

First Baptist Church of Springfield envisions a thriving youth ministry to serve the spiritual, social, and practical needs of middle and high school students. We believe this ministry will reach new students and will minister to students already connected to the life of the church. To this end, the Director of  Student Ministry will provide comprehensive leadership for student-centered Christian fellowship, education, discipleship, and outreach.


Student Ministry Core Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Create an atmosphere of concern for the well being and salvation of youth in the church and in the community.
  2. Seek to build a relationship with each student.
  3. Implement ministries for outreach and evangelism that focus on students.
  4. Enrich the individual and corporate worship life of students.
  5. Discover, cultivate, and provide opportunities for students to use their spiritual gifts.
  6. Provide opportunities for Christian growth and discipleship for students.
  7. Build Christian fellowship, individual relationships, and unity among students.
  8. Communicate and promote the goals, plans, and activities of the student ministry to the congregation.
  9. Foster relationships between students, parents, and other generations and groups within the congregation.
  10. Serve as a resource person for parents, other ministries, and the congregation concerning student needs and issues.
  11. Develop, implement, and evaluate a student ministry budget.
  12. Train and develop student leader volunteers.


Supervisor: Senior Pastor