The Growth Institute

The Growth Institute exists to help grow disciples by sharpening their biblical and theological convictions by studying four specific disciplines: Bible Survey/Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, and Practical Theology.


How Theological Anthropology & Soteriology Informs Ethics & Family Practice (Fall 2023)

On Wednesdays at 7:30pm in Fellowship Hall

Fall Semester 2023 Schedule

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Week 1: Introduction to Theological Anthropology, Soteriology, and Family Practice (9/6/23)


Week 2: Human Nature Created: The Image of God // Dignity, Worth, and Gender Roles (9/13/23)


Week 3: The Nature of Marriage and God's Purpose for Making Male and Female (9/20/23)


Week 4: The Image of God and the Gift of Singleness (9/27/23)


Week 5: Human Nature Distorted: Original Sin and Total Depravity (10/4/23)


Week 6: Human Nature Distorted: The Sinfulness of Sin as Exhibited in Marriage and Sexuality (10/11/23)


Week 7: Human Nature Restored Through our Union with Christ: Growing in Personal and Familial Holiness 10/18/23)


Week 8: Human Nature, Morality, and Ethics (10/25/23)


Week 9: Special Issues with the Church and Families (11/1/23)


Week 10: The Origin of Salvation: Unconditional Election vs. Conditional Election (11/8/23)


Week 11: Regeneration, Faith, and Conversion: Responding to God's Call (11/15/23)


Week 12: Christian Ethics and Family Practice are Derived from Christ's Work at the Cross (12/6/23)


Week 13: Summary & Study Conclusion (12/13/23)

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