Whether this will be your first time in a church or you have been in church for years, it is our goal that you are welcomed and feel as comfortable as possible.  


Expect to meet with the God who loves you

Our goal is that you leave talking about how great God is!  We believe that he loves all people regardless of age, ethnicity, or experiences.  The Bible reminds us that we are all broken people, incapable of rescuing ourselves from the consequences of our own rebellion, but God sent Jesus Christ in our place that we might be redeemed, restored, and repurposed.   

Expect to meet with people who care about you

Our goal is that each person that comes through the doors will understand and experience God's love through us.  People matter to God and they matter to us.  We look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story, sharing our story, and helping you see how your life can connect with God's great story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday Morning Questions

What should I wear?
What door should I enter?
How long is the worship service?
How early should I arrive?
What about my kids during worship?
What about my kids during Bible study?
How do you keep kids safe?
Do I need to bring a Bible?
Do I have to give money?
Should I schedule a tour or just show up?

Other Questions

Is your building handicap accessible?
Where do I park?
Who's in charge?
What is a Christian?
Do I have to be perfect before I come?
How do I join the church?
How many people are involved?