The Growth Institute

The Growth Institute exists to help grow disciples by sharpening their biblical and theological convictions by studying four specific disciplines: Bible Survey/Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, and Practical Theology.


Systematic Theology: The Doctrine of God and Revelation (Fall 2021)

Fall Semester 2021 Schedule

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Week 1: Introduction to Systematic Theology and the Doctrine of God


Week 2: The Correct Posture in the Task of Theology: A Heart of Humility and Worship


Week 3: The Doctrine of Revelation: A Natural Theology


Week 4: The Doctrine of Revelation: A Supernatural Theology


Week 5: An Overview of the Trinity and Its Importance for Biblical Worship


Week 6: The Ontological Trinity: The Essence and Attributes of the Father, Son, and Spirit


Week 7: The Economic Trinity: The Works of God in Creation and Redemption


Week 8: The Doctrine of the Father: What it Means to Have a Heavenly Father


Week 9: The Doctrine of Christ: The One Who is the God-Man


Week 10: The Doctrine of Christ: The Past Atoning Work of Christ


Week 11: The Doctrine of Christ: The Current Interceding Work of Christ


Week 12: The Doctrine of the Spirit: The Divine Person of the Holy Spirit


Week 13: The Doctrine of the Spirit: The Work and Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Week 14: Responding to the Triune God and His Revelation to Us


Week 15: The Doctrine of God Review


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