The Growth Institute

The Growth Institute exists to help grow disciples by sharpening their biblical and theological convictions by studying four specific disciplines: Bible Survey/Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, and Practical Theology.


Hermeneutics: Bible Study Methods (Spring 2022)

Spring Semester 2022 Schedule

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Week 1: Bible Translations & Interpretation


Week 2: How To Read The Text


Week 3: How To Read In Context


Week 4: What Do We Bring To The Text?


Week 5: The Historical-Cultural Context


Week 6: The Literary Context


Week 7: How To Conduct Word Studies


Week 8: Where Is The Meaning Found?


Week 9: The Holy Spirit's Work In Interpretation


Week 10: Applying The Bible


Week 11: New Testament - Gospels


Week 12: New Testament - Letters


Week 13: New Testament - Acts


Week 14: New Testament - Revelation


Week 15: Old Testament - Narrative


Week 16: Old Testament - Law



Week 16: Old Testament - Prophets



Week 18: Old Testament - Poetry & Wisdom



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