The Growth Institute

The Growth Institute exists to help grow disciples by sharpening their biblical and theological convictions by studying four specific disciplines: Bible Survey/Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, and Practical Theology.


The Church and Its Mission (Spring 2024)

On Wednesdays at 7:30pm in Fellowship Hall

Spring Semester 2024 Schedule

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Week 1: Introduction to the Church & Its Mission (1/14/24)


Week 2: Marks of a Healthy Church: Expositional Preaching & Gospel Doctrine (1/31/24)


Week 3: What We Believe: Confessions (2/07/24)


Week 4: Marks of a Healthy Church: Conversion/Evangelism & Church Membership (2/14/24)


Week 5: Church Membership: Baptism & The Lord's Supper (2/21/24)


Week 6: Church Membership: Covenanting Together (2/28/24)


Week 7: Marks of a Healthy Church: Church Discipline & Discipleship (3/06/24)


Week 8: Considering Spiritual Disciplines (3/13/24)


Week 9: The Local Church Reflecting God's Love and Authority (3/20/24)


Week 10: Marks of a Healthy Church: Leadership & Prayer (4/03/24)


Week 11: Marks of a Healthy Church: Missions (4/10/24)


Week 12: "Missions Exists Because Worship Doesn't" (4/17/24)


Week 13: Missionary Qualifications: Who Should Be Sent? (4/24/24)


Week 14: The Missionary Task: What Should the Missionary Be Doing? (5/01/24)


Week 15: The Sending Church & The Receiving Church: Who is the Missionary Responsible To? (5/08/24)


Week 16: Considering Missions Around the World: Adoniram Judson and South Asia (5/15/24)


Week 17: Considering Missions Around the World: David Brainard and the New World (5/22/24)


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